Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, PLLC, provides comprehensive ear, nose, and throat care for adults and children in Georgetown, Frankfort, and Lexington.

Pediatric Care
Examinations and evaluations of children
Evaulations of children include chronic sore throat, ear infections or ear drainage, enlarged tonsils & adenoids, hearing problems, speech delay, hearing disorders, nasal obstruction/stuffiness, neck masses or swelling, snoring, and others. Learn More

Evaluation and treatment of hearing problems
Offering comprehensive Audiologic Evaluations by an Audiologist. Tests include Acoustic Immittance, Speech Audiometry, and Pure Tone Audiometry. Learn More

Balloon Sinuplasty
Suffer from chronic sinusitis?
BSP is a breakthrough sinus surgery procedure performed by ENT doctors that opens sinus passages to relieve sinus pain and sinus pressure associated with chronic sinusitis and recurring sinus infections. Learn More

Hearing Aids
Offering ITE and BTE hearing aids
In order to provide our patients with the best quality devices, our offices specialize in the most advanced technologies available to us. Digital hearing aids take the signal received by the microphone and convert it into millions of “bits” of data. Learn More

Medical and Surgical Options
Allergies are an extremely common medical problem, and it is estimated that one in four people suffer from this condition. More than 50 million Americans carry the diagnosis of “allergic rhinitis”. The cost of treatment for allergies exceeds $5 billion dollars annually. Learn More

Head and Neck Disorders
Evaluation and head and neck disorders
Specializing in head and neck disorders such as Neck masses or swelling-Evaluation & management, Thyroid goiter, Thyroid nodules, Parathyroid masses & elevated calcium levels, Evaluation of swallow-In-office endoscopic evaluation, etc. Learn More

Sleep Disorders
Board certified Sleep Medicine Specialist
Weight gain and obesity have become an epidemic in our country and has increased obstructive sleep apnea has increased in prevalence. An Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist has a clear advantage in this evaluation. Learn More

Evaluations by an Otolaryngologist
The hearing and balance organs are housed in the same small part of the ear, so what affects one can affect the other. Come in for a Videonystagmography, which is considered to be the “gold standard” of balance testing. Learn More