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Purchasing Hearing Aids Online Poses Serious Risks

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Hearing aids are popular assistive devices that improve quality of life for people of all ages.
Their growing popularity over the past 20 years has resulted in unlicensed and unbranded generic hearing aids being sold online.

But, hearing aid buyers should be aware of the great risk associated with online purchases. Hearing aids purchased online can cause permanent hearing loss or damage. When hearing aids are not custom fitted or adjusted to your specific type and degree of hearing loss, it leads to serious issues. When the volume is too loud or too quiet, within hours, this can cause extreme strain on both the ears and the brain, resulting in problems such as persistent headaches, permanent ringing in the ears, permanent hearing loss – just to name a few. It only takes one truly loud sound to create a hearing loss that lasts a lifetime.

Additionally, when you buy a hearing aid online, there is no or limited warranty or repair support, no one to talk to for advice or help. At a private clinic, on the other hand, you can get an amazing, personalized buying experience. You can get a hearing aid that really works for YOU, and change your life for the better!

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